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Thank you for your interest in Silver State Token.

Silver State Token was formed while acquiring 4,100+ acres of gold and silver claims in Nevada to be leased to a mining company, there-after receiving royalties anticipated to begin late 2023.

It occurs to me though I need to tell you our story and why you should consider being with us. Our story starts with –

Nevada, where the Old West still exists and is alive. Free range horses and jackasses, gun slinging individuals, American Indians, wide open land from mountains to deserts, thieves, gamblers, ‘soiled’ women and miners. For us it’s about the miners and mining.

Nevada is the leader in gold, silver and barite. Second in diatomaceous earth and lithium and sole magnesite and mercury producer. Nevada has 70,264,320 acres of which 81.07 percent is federal land, second in the nation behind Alaska and 63% of that total acreage is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (~44.3MM acres). Our 4100 acres project is a drop but the mineral mining potential is enormous. As the records for the Clifford mine, about 2 miles from our claims, is historically reported and stated.

We offer up to 46% ownership in any one claim (buy into as many claims as you desire) to those who would like to participate and we can accept a wide variety of assets in exchange for those ownerships1. As a one-time incentive upon first purchase, you can buy back into an additional two claims at a discounted fee with the same percentage ownership as any other single claim (23%) ownership, in as little or fast as you desire.

​If you have a “Don’t Want,” we can also discuss helping provide a solution to exchange it or create something you would rather have for it. We counsel in both1.


Silver State Token LLC


SILVER STATE TOKEN, LLC is a Wyoming LLC and is international in its efforts.

We encourage taking ownership in one or many of our claims through cash, money orders, wire transfers or trades of value. Primarily we are a company that owns many claims ranging from gold and silver, to opals and other precious minerals and gems. This provides confidence that the claims will continue to maintain great value no matter what state of value a national or global currency may or may not have.

To Participate

We sell ownerships based on units of $10,000.00 which gets you a twenty-three percent (23 %) of a claim. Each claim has two positions for ownership totaling 46%. Purchase as many claim positions as you want.

​Any other purchase amount is proportional. Purchases start at $1000 in $500 increments with ownership percentages are adjusted per purchase amount received. You can also set up a monthly recurring purchase of any amount (multiples of $500.)

If interested we can discuss how you wish to accomplish this. Just use  the “Contact Us” page.


We have been known to accept rare books to corporate stocks and everything in between. The primary stipulation is it must have value over $15,000 U.S. with clear title. We use a variety of systems and solutions to move those Don’t-Wants, Must-get-rid-of’s, sleeping equity, and closet cash. While based in Nevada, we have an international base and presence. We love those Must-get-rid-of’s, sleeping equity, and closet cash.

Let’s talk!

The Advantages of Silver State Token


The company continues to accumulate claims in proximity of operating mines and proven precious metal deposits in Nevada.

THE OBJECTIVE is to acquire 200 claims (each claim is 20.66 acres) toward 4,132 acres and lease to a U.S. based mining firm and receive monthly royalties.

We are not limited to a single set of 200 claims and intend to expand into second and third sets as the opportunities present themselves to insure long-range royalty returns.

We are keenly aware any single one claims will not guarantee or produce the volume of minerals anticipated to return expected royalties. Critical mass is required to overcome the short claims and balance it out with the healthier claims. This is why your portion(s) of a claim(s) is being adjusted against 200 claims with royalty adjusted as such. All participants would receive a consistent blended return proportionate to ownership.

Our Philosophy

All governments are failing to properly take care of their greatest resources, its citizens by slowly removing freedom of choices, voices, private property and others. Money markets are being manipulated serving only those in charge, hiding a failing fiat system and out right lying while across the globe where inflation has begun to impact lives along with demanded obedience to fabricated events and situations.

​​SILVER STATE TOKEN, LLC made the conscious decision to move all its assets into that which provides those freedoms, by using gold to offset an inflation movement, hedge against falling fiats or the fear of a currency reset. Because the LLC owns several assets with value we have confidence, that no matter what is created, gold will still reign supreme and if required, can service those with us with ownership in the organization.

​Join Us by simply going to the SHOP area in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

Safe & Secure

The beauty of the business model is the land and settled minerals are not going away anytime soon and the government wants us to work the land. While we don’t officially own the land, we do own all the minerals. We invite you to take your metal detector and explore all the acreage as a family and friends adventure. Directions upon request.

Purchase Anytime

Purchase securely through our new and improve e-commerce portal.  With your initial purchase of $10,000 we offer 50% discounts on the next two future claim purchases. Find them in your “My Account” area. The discount automatically appears in your shopping cart for that 2nd and 3rd claim purchase!  One click saves you $5,000 on each of these. 

Skilled Management

Company’s office is in Reno, NV; domiciled in Wyoming. Our Reno office address:

1749 Victorian Ave
Ste. 283
Reno, NV 89431

Co-owned by Tim Parrott in Sparks, NV; Fred Clark in Bradenton, FL.

24/7 Support

Submit your message or support request anytime, using our Contact Us Page.

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How it works

Step by Step Guide

Create Your Account

OTP means a One Time Passcode is sent by Text to your Cell Phone.  Never worry about forgetting your password.  

Just press (tab) to keep the +1 country code if you are in the USA and put your phone number in the next field.

Check your text message to retrieve your SIX DIGIT passcode (from 44398, this is NOT the code.)

Make Payment

$1,000 buys 2.3% interest in a claim, with no discount on future purchases.

$10,000 buys 23% interest and TWO voucher coupons each good for a $5,000 discount on your 2nd and 3rd purchase. This applies to your initial purchase only.

Information about Royalties Provided

When minerals are mined from the property or any of the nearby (contiguous) properties, royalties will be distributed to all. Yet to be determined is the mix of cash and hard asset potential combination.

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Our Team

Meet Our Managing Partners

Tim - HD-sq

Tim Parrott

Mr. Parrott comes with years of experience and service in business development, technical engineering management, program development, site development and management and currently holds real estate licenses in Nevada and California. His degrees in architecture, engineering and finance puts him in a unique position along with years of experience to navigate through diverse and challenging technical or business transactions and programs. In addition he is a published writer and global entrepreneur.


Fred Clark

Fred originally started in telecommunications in the phone industry, the Army and with the Philco Corporation.

In 1965 after two years in Viet Nam, he decided to change directions, became married and entered the real estate business becoming the first Better Homes and Gardens broker. In 1981 Fred moved to Florida becoming involved in commercial real estate and the world of exchanging, which is his forte. Exchanges of real estate or personal property in the U.S. as well as abroad, are common to his business.


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